Daniel, MICRONAIL Intramedullary Distal Radius System Recipient

daniel1Daniel, 54, worked in the automotive business in Indiana. On the assembly line, Daniel’s work depended on his hand/eye coordination and the ability to work quickly and efficiently with his hands. When Daniel fractured his wrist last spring, he immediately worried that the injury would leave him without a job. One Monday in April 2006, Daniel was doing some housework and fell off a ladder, fracturing his wrist. Realizing that this injury was more severe than the scrapes he often got at work and knowing that quick treatment offered his best bet of a fast recovery, Daniel headed straight to the emergency room at Anderson Community Hospital, where he met orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Craig Mines. Dr. Mines offered a couple of treatment options: he could immobilize Daniel’s wrist by bracing it externally with a metal bar, or he could use the MICRONAIL Distal Radius Fixation implant from Wright, which stabilizes the wrist from within the bone, as opposed to outside the arm.

After receiving the MICRONAIL implant, Daniel was astonished with his quick recovery. He returned to work on Wednesday, just two days following his Monday injury. According to Daniel, “I was really very impressed with the amount of movement I had in my wrist right away and all the other guys at work were too. When I went back to work, they knew about the fracture and planned to be flexible, helping me out with my work. But really, the injury only slowed me down a little bit, and only for a very short while.”

When he went into the emergency room after his injury, Daniel had anticipated that he’d be given a cast, and he figured that the recovery time would be long. After all, he’d broken a bone in his foot when he was 40, and he’d had to stay off the foot for weeks. He also worried that his age would affect his recovery time. After fearing the worst, Daniel is very glad that he was a candidate for the MICRONAIL implant. “Based on what I’ve heard about the immobilization treatments, I feel very lucky that I was treated with the MICRONAIL implant instead. I was able to use my hands at work and at home quickly, and I’m sure that the motion helped my muscles stay strong, and helped to speed my recovery.” Today, Daniel has retired from his job, and is enjoying time with his young grandchildren.



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