Stan, MICRONAIL Intramedullary Radius Fixation Recipient

stan1On November 13, 2006, Stan was 100 miles away from his home in Detroit and facing his first surgery. Earlier that day, Stan fractured his left wrist after falling from a tree while deer hunting. Dr. Angelo Sorce, who was on call at Hillsdale Community Health Center emergency room, suggested treatment with Wright’s MICRONAIL Intramedullary Radius Fixation System. After Stan agreed, Dr. Sorce performed the MICRONAIL System surgery and Stan was released from the hospital just hours later.

stan2Instead of a cast, Stan was put in a plaster splint for a week and could surprisingly wiggle his fingers with ease. He remembers friends and even his therapist being impressed with the mobility of his fingers, especially since most movement typically freezes when wearing a cast. Stan said, “People thought that I had carpel tunnel syndrome or a minor wrist injury. No one realized how serious the injury was.”

Throughout his therapy sessions over the next eight weeks, Stan did a variety of exercises as well as whirlpool, ultrasound and deep skin massage. He soon began to regain full range of motion in his left wrist and no longer felt the tightness that he experienced due to a buildup of scar tissue.

stan3Stan is extremely pleased with the fast healing and is grateful for the MICRONAIL Implant. “I’m very lucky that Dr. Sorce was on call when I had to go to the hospital, otherwise, I wouldn’t have gotten the MICRONAIL Implant.”

A union representative at General Motors, Stan is also an outdoor enthusiast. Although he hasn’t gone deer hunting since his accident, he is looking forward to next season. He is also interested in giving his youngest daughter some hunting tips

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